Nov 2015 Updates from the Field

 Greetings from McMurdo!  Weather is good (for now) and we have a DV (distinguished visitor) contingent here that includes 4 members of the National Science Board, 2 Associate Directors of NSF, Brian Stone (head of ANT infrastructure & logistics) and the head of Polar Scinces, Dr. Kelly Faulkner.  We met with them at Lake Hoare yesterday and it was a terrific visit (they all walked away with a new MCM LTER sticker too!).  
Field Season Underway - 
Field science is going well right now.  The limno team and part of Peter Doran’s team are both at Lake Miers, and the other part of the Doran team is at Lake Hoare camp working on blue boxes and met stations.   The stream and glacier teams are in McMurdo washing a LOT of bottles, getting ready to head to the field.
New Papers -
Here are a few new papers published by our team (all but the first are available on our publications web page); CONGRATULATIONS on getting these new findings published!

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